Refund Policy

We are eager to make sure that you will be really happy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied, for any reason at all, please contact us within 14 days from your purchase and we will give you a full refund.

*Product Bundles are not refundable.

To make sure that your organization is ready to utilize this product, we strongly recommend that prior to purchasing you install the Free Version, which can be downloaded from products websites.

The software that we produce is offered to our customers with a 14 days 100% Money Back Guarantee period. During this period, we strongly recommend that our customers run the product on ALL their computers with the purpose to find out which of them is not compatible with the software being evaluated, which piece of hardware or/and software needs replacing, which PC uses the OS (Windows) and Microsoft Outlook without properly maintaining their stable functionality. This Money Back Guarantee period must be a good means for you to avoid any unexpected issues related to the software application in the future, and problems occurring not only with our software. During this period, our technicians are ready to fix any problems that may arise while testing. If our software does not work on your computer, give our professionals a chance to look into the issue (they are able to connect to your PC) and help you tune up your Outlook to smoothly work with our software, as we know cases when its erroneous settings and poor maintenance lead to all kinds of problems and malfunctions. Our technicians will be happy to resolve all the technical issues for free if you visit our Live Help.

Thus, the more you test our software during Money Back Guarantee period, the more problems can be avoided, the more successful your future experience with our software will be, and the more satisfaction it will bring us, the software producers.

After 14 days 100% Money Back Guarantee period period is over, during which you may have your payment returned, we shall consider the sale final knowing that you have tested the software on your PCs, fixed problems, if any, and are absolutely satisfied with its functioning. Please be patient and allow our technicians to help you re-install/re-activate/reset our software on your computers. They will be happy to do it if you visit our Live Help.

We will only refund your money during 14-day money back guarantee period. There is no refund after that.

Please send us refund request via e-mail. Within 5 days of receipt of your Request (and receipt of the products where applicable) we will issue refund equal to the amount you paid. We shall not honor your refund request for any software product if you have received a refund for the same product before.

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Easy to use, and in just few simple steps I had Outlook file from my old PC merged with new Outlook data file. I would definitely recommend this software to my colleagues at work!"
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